Tucker Suite: We supported Pavement at Sir Henrys

This guest post is by Joss Moorkens and is about the experience of supporting Pavement at Sir Henrys. And in response to your question – yes, that will do…
Here are the reminiscences of myself and Brian Gough (drums and guitar respectively).
I (Joss) had booked a couple of tours through Shane Fitzsimons in Dillons Cross (including Huggy Bear who Bob N also tour managed at one time), so when I was muscled out of booking a Pavement tour, Shane was kind enough to offer us the support in Sir Henry’s. The three of us in Tucker Suite were all big fans and it was probably the biggest gig of our 18-month existence. They were getting a lot of press at the time and bands at that level didn’t often make it to Ireland on European tours.
We bussed down with a couple of friends, and played after a rushed soundcheck. Pavement were very friendly and complimentary about our Circus Lupus/Drive Like Jehu stylings and the crowd were appreciative and generous. Our audience didn’t usually swell beyond about 30 people upstairs in a Dublin pub, so playing to a few hundred people in a packed Sir Henry’s was a massive leap. Once Pavement came on the crowd went crazy. We spent their set bouncing along at the side of the stage. Bob came over to thank us for being encouraging afterwards! Then they were mobbed for autographs. People asked us to sign stuff too, oddly enough, and kept handing us things to bring backstage to ask Pavement to sign. Eventually Pavement asked us to stop. They found it a bit disconcerting, having not really been asked for autographs before. A couple of them stayed about for a drink after (and Brian met the infamous Albert Twomey), but once things stray into the club night afterwards, our memories grow a little hazy…
I hope that’ll do!

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