Pavement & Sir Henrys – a short comment by Bob Nastanovich

Bob Nastanovich is on record as saying that Pavements favourite / best gig was Sir Henrys. We contacted him to see if he would give us a few words to expand on this. He very kindly did. Short and Sweet but it’s Bob talking about Pavement playing Henrys… Thanks Bob…


Yeah, I remember Sir Henry’s. It’s ancient with an incredibly low ceiling. They put you up in the same building across from where they make Murphy’s Stout. It was cold and damp inside and out. We played with some great punk kids who had a cool girl singer. They were excited to play. Someone had made a crazy cool gig poster with a Joy Division–Unknown Pleasures vibe. Not sure we deserved to be in such lofty company. I mean by just being there. In reaction, I overindulged in stout. We played some songs. The staff made us feel important. I loved Cork..


    1. Jossmo – wonder you be interested in writing us a guest post – a sort of companion to Bob’ post? Somebody suggested it on our FB page – think it would be a lovely idea.

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