3am Radio Friendly … after the 10th Birthday Party

This post is from an email from Morgan Stack – Over to you Morgan

So I’d like to submit a setlist… there is a mini back story though..

The night of the 10th birthday Ronan C played a set on Radio Friendly from about 3am to god knows what time… we happened to tape it onto two cassette tapes because, as the lads noted in the radio documentary, it wasn’t easy to get hold of these records at the time even if you had plenty of money.. which, of course, we didn’t. (In 2001 I eventually found a record shop in NY that had three copies of Nayobe – of course I bought all three – but they were the only three copies in the world I could find at that time).

The two tapes became absolutely legendary amongst our circle of friends. To this day I don’t believe I have ever come across a set that remotely approaches it in terms of tune quality and/or IMPECCABLE mixing. The tapes, of course, are long since lost, presumed ‘lent’ (I don’t suppose anybody out there or in Friendly recorded it?). Anyway, we have been emailing back and forth the last couple of days trying to remember as much of the setlist as we can. The following is what we came up with so far. I’ve tried to identify the exact mix used in each case as well. I thought some punters on here might appreciate it…. It’s not in the original order either though…

If anybody here is in touch with Ronan C tell him get in touch with me – would love to get a CD with the set recreated…

(My thanks to Peter Naughton for identifying most of the following list)

p.s. I’m inclined to agree with Stevie G that the 10th birthday was the apex of the Henry’s experience…


Michael Proctor Fall Down

Feel Like Singin’ (Erotica Mix) – Sandy B – Mercury

True Faith Take Me Away (Unknown remix)

Soulsearcher U.N.I.

R-Tyme – R-Theme

Projekt PM – When The Voices Come (Kay Kay Mix)

Mood II Swing – All Night Long

Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend (Def Instrumental)

Nayobe – I Love the Way You Love Me

MBG, Rame, Alkemy & DJ Uovo – Dynamic Seduction – Peter Pan EP.

Nayobe – I Love the Way You Love Me

Cooley’s Hot Box – We Don’t Have to be Alone

Sunscreem Perfect Motion

Wamdue Kids Memory and Forgetting

Lavette – Your Love – Strictly Rhythm (1992)

Ron Trent – Altered States (South Side Terrace Mix)

BOBBY KONDERS feat. Mutabaruka THE POEM ***** (classic house 1990)

Unfinished Sympathy (Oakenfold remix)

Orbital – Belfast

Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm (Original Club Mix)

William Orbit – Water From A Vine Leaf (Xylem Flow Mix)

Sensation Beautiful Morning

The Fog – Been A Long Time (Acapella Remix)

playlist here

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