“One more Choon”

Another post from our Inbox – this one courtesy of Alan, City Centre

Hi There,

When I heard from a friend of mine that this was taking place I must say I really had a smile on my face. I worked as a glass collector, and eventually the bar in Sir henrys for a good few years with a friend of mine. £3 an hr, 5 hours a night and got paid and then went to Hill Billy’s for a Breast N Bun, and came back and watched all the goings on from the grand parade hotel front bar and door. I actually met my long term partner on April 1st 1999. It was a teenage disco; I was in the Annex DJ Box with Paul Scanlon on the decks watching him bang out the choonz while looking to the hundreds of younger ravers below!!!

As a teenager aged just 16 at the time, I felt like a King “up there” ,as I was a budding DJ then, and am still djing now!! From that day on, I have been with her and have 3 beautiful daughters also. I absolutely loved working in Sir Henrys. As a music lover I got to listen to music for free, have a dance around the place and meet some big DJ’s and get paid, all be it £3 an hour. But at 16 years old to be in a night club, know the DJs and get free entry to the teenage disco for friends this was a great help in the social ladder of popularity.

While I have many memories such as Beach Ball in the summer and then in winter Snowball, Wednesday Nights Freakscene, the big one of course was Sweat on Saturday. We got to meet people who travelled each week from Limerick, Kerry, Dublin and beyond who slept in their cars or stayed with lads they had met at Sweat since they started coming. I knew this was a legendary place as I had older sisters who all had gone there and were still attending in some cases as their ages were older than me. So each night was special.

The one great memory of Sir Henry’s was big John Mansfield. My god what a legend! He always looked out for everyone in there and always put you in good form coming into work. But not only that, when the lights came on, the night was over. Or Was It! 5 minutes later all you heard was boom, boom, boom, lights back off and Greg& Shane were back for “One More Choon”

Streets, The Village, The Factory were all part of this special complex. Being able to have a pint of Smirnoff ice , yes a pint on tap, while playing a Daytona game of racing really was the highlight of the weekend back then!!

Anyway as another Person who met their life long partner in Sir Henry’s, I really can’t wait to see the exhibition.

Well done to all involved.

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