Call for material for Sir Henrys Nightclub – Exhibition & Archive

Sir Henrys Nightclub: A Cork Institution – Reflections on popular music & culture in Cork

Sir Henrys bar and nightclub, located on South Main Street, Cork (1978 – 2003) was renowned locally, nationally and internationally for its vibrant music scene.

This summer UCC Library is mounting an exhibition to document the distinctive history of this legendary and iconic Cork city music venue.  It is the intention of this exhibition to begin the process of establishing an archive relating to Sir Henrys and the related popular music scene in Cork.

The Exhibition opens on July 9 and runs until September 27.

For more information please contact Martin O Connor at or 021 490 2111.


One comment

  1. These really were the most happiest days. It was the most amazing place to be. The full room(s) were surrounded by everyone you knew (where would that be these days.. no where!) The friends I had in Sir Henry’s are still some of my closest friends today. I started frequenting Henry’s when i was 16 (shock horror). My sister brought me there for my first time and I remember the night like it was yesterday. Stil to this day Im referred to as “Val’s little sister” by many of her friends that I met in those days as a 4 foot something 16 year old.. happy days

    My husband who I met when i was 16 (didn’t meet in Sir Henry’s may I add, as he was only 14) (yes, 22 years ago and still going strong) started going with me and my sister at the age of 15 (shock horror)

    The music had everyone jumping for hours on end and when the final song came at about 1.55am you could feel the sombre mood in the whole floor(s).

    Many a night we had in the DJ box looking down at the hundreds of people underneath.

    The dirt on the floor combined with the perspiration turned any white pants / jeans to an extremely different colour to what it was at the start of the noght …. again, happy days.

    There were many nights of fabulous DJ’s, namely, Judge Jules, Carl Cox, Johnny Pleased Women (think that was his name, am i right, its one of the nights that sticks out in my mind) the legendary Greg and Shane, Stevie G, Shay D Shay, Marq Walsh, Colm K.. too many to mention.

    I remember the woman sitting on the chair in the ladies bathroom… The old man on his own dancing on the raised floor near the stage at the back. We all wondered what age he was and why was he there every weekend on his own?

    It was great to go and see the amazing play “Deep” last year, I remember sitting in the audience, next to my husband and looking around at everyone and thinking that most of the people in the room looked familiar and i thought, these people definitely frequented Henry’s back in the day.

    So to everyone involved in this project, thank you and its great to read and see the many old bits of flyers, photos etc from what i can really say was a happy happy time and i am so thrilled to have shared this with my husband, siblings and friends.

    To everyone that were not fortunate enough due to them being too young etc. to go to Henry’s, boy, did you all miss out on what is now becoming a huge feature of Cork’s nostalgia and I would recommend you all to go and visit the exhibition once it opens as i know I will be there … Happy Days

    Olivia (Dineen) Trought

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