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We Play Here Outtakes

We Play Here Outtakes

With thanks to Eoghan O’Sullivan of We Play Here and 

One of the features in issue one of We Play Here was a piece looking back at the ‘glory days’ of Cork music, when Henry’s was the best club in the country, when the Frank & Walters and Sultans of Ping could do no wrong and when it seems like a world renowned band was playing the city every week. In the end we talked to Jim Morrish, Jim Comet, Stevie Grainger and Joe Kelly. One of the people who we were constantly told to get onto was Shane Fitzsimons, who had put on gigs around Cork throughout the 90s, from Pavement to Mercury Rev. Word, page and time restraints meant the interview didn’t make it into WPH 1, so we’ve decided to stick it up in its entirety here. It was done over email on November 11, 2013.  


Irish Times article: Digging for gold at Sir Henry’s again

Irish Times article: Digging for gold at Sir Henry’s again

Jim Carroll, Irish Times, September 18, 2013

In Cork, Sir Henry’s is the nostalgia kick which never grows old. Even now, a decade after that seminal club closed down and the entire complex was demolished, it’s still the starting point and often the full stop in many conversations involving music around the city.  A review of Raymond Scannell’s ‘Deep’ –  a play inspired by Sir Henrys.

Irish Times article: A conversation with Fish Go Deep

Irish Times article: A conversation with Fish Go Deep

Jim Carroll, Irish Times, Thurs, 3 October 2013

Fish Go Deep’s Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson are celebrating 25 years in the house music business this year. That’s 25 years all the way from Sweat in Sir Henry’s to a plethora of quality releases and their currently monthly run at Cork’s Pavilion.

Irish Examiner article: Marking 25 years since ‘Sweat’ night in Sir Henrys

Irish Examiner article: Marking 25 years since ‘Sweat’ night in Sir Henrys

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The story of Sir Henrys and its famous Sweat night has been well told in the past. How a weekly dance night in the Cork venue grew into one of the best house events in Europe in the 1990s, attaining quite a reputation for its amazing atmosphere and the quality of music on offer.

Call out for posts

Welcome to the official blog of sirhenrys2014. We are using this blog as a way to generate interest in the exhibition as well as a way of gathering stories, histories and personal narratives relating to the venue. With that in mind we would like to put a call out for guest posters. Would you like to write a post for us and have it posted to the blog? Do you have particularly fond memories of club nights, gigs, characters that you would like to share? If so please get in touch with us at